Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I was going to enter the challenge ...

I actually completed my item for the challenge, a few days ahead of schedule :)  When I reread all the must do's, though, I decided that it was more of a time commitment than I'm interested in - I don't particularly like to "promote" and chat about the challenge - I like to do my project, enter it, and then check out the other entries at the end.  I certainly wouldn't blog and ask people to vote for me.  Nevair!! 

Here are my completed bags - the pattern is from ithinksew, and is called, appropriately, Pleated Pouches :D 

I've bought several of her patterns over the last year or two, and she also has freebies on her site for members (you just need to sign up) - she has cute stuff!  NAYY :)

ETA:  Entered into the Purse Week Challenge Oct. 4/12 :)


  1. Wow, there were a lot of rules! Not quite as many as that challenge I entered... but still! It's the having to contribute to the group pinterest board that got me. I'm forever getting invite and I have no interest as why would I want a board that other people pin on? Why wouldn't I just follow that person and pin the stuff I like?

    anyway, the pouches are lovely!

  2. Definitely a winner. Love the buttons on them. Cute.

  3. WOW... you're right there are a lot of rules and a huge time commitment for that challenge. Having people vote each day ensures a steady stream of visitors to her blog during the month of October. Can't fault the girl for trying, I guess.

  4. These bags are just so pretty - subdued but interesting.


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