Friday, June 17, 2011

Cherry nut granola bars :D

The King Arthur Flour site is always putting up new and fun recipes  - I tried this one today, and even added some dried cherries because - well - I love them, LOL.  That photo is the pan just as it came out of the oven so we haven't tasted them yet, but they sure do look good!  I'm servingthem for the FNSI tonight, and they'd also be great for the kids' work lunches :) 


  1. Mmm... those do look good. Oh, I love dried cherries - they're better than candy. When I lived in Kelowna I used to use my dehydrator to make my own. I would take pounds and pounds of cherries, but I never seemed to make enough to get us through a winter. Those dried cherries are just too yummy!


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