Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My beautiful peony :)

I love Chris's camera - I just point and shoot and it actually "freezes" the frame so it isn't fuzzy - my old camera didn't do that!

We had to take Zoomer to the vet today as he was having quite a bad day - we left him there for what we thought was going to be an overnight visit, but he was much better after a few hours so we brought him home, and will monitor him.  Fortunately this time I caught the problem before it got really bad so it was quite mild, and he seems to be doing just fine :)  Thanks for taking care of my kitty, Dr. Jacqui!  All the people there are lovely to deal with - the vets AND the staff are all sweeties!


  1. Very pretty.. Love the shade of pink.

    Glad Zoomer is better.

    See you Sunday ... noonish!

  2. I like the ant you captured crawling out of the peony. The photos are beautiful. Sorry to hear Zoomer was feeling bad earlier to day. Maybe its all about the heat and humdity...

  3. Poor old Zoomer, sorry to hear he's been poorly. Is he feeling better now?

  4. I love peonies - they're so extravagant! So glad Zoomer's doing better, poor baby.


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