Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy birthday Chris :)

My baby turned 21 today - funny how a 29 year old can have a 21 year old son!!! ;)  Happy birthday to my my strapping car-obsessed 2nd year (almost 3rd year!) apprentice wireman :)

Here's his official 21st birthday photo - notice you can see more of the cat than the kid, LOL.  OK this is getting weird - the pictures I downloaded onto my desktop 10 minutes ago ARE GONE!  I saw the thumbnails, but now ... gone??!!  And of course I deleted them from the camera card after I downloaded them.  This photo stuff is getting spooky - a similar thing happened 2 nights ago - something weird is going on, and I think it involves Irfanview!

Since I can't find the picture I took earlier, here he is last year on his 20th birthday :D 
We went to the same restaurant last year AND this year :D


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!! Sandra, you must have been a child bride. Infant bride? *snort*

    Go download Photoscape - it's free. I don't care for Irfanview.

  2. A handsome young man you have Sandra. Happy 21st to him!!!
    Hugs Khris

  3. Happy Birthday Chris. Sorry, your card is late. You know what I think of that, however, it's not my fault. Blame it on Canada Post. :) I think they're going back today so I'll pop it in the first mailbox I find not taped off. :)

  4. Happy 21st to Chris!

    Yesterday was also my hubby's, my mom's and my best friends's birthday. Busy day for birthdays! lol


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