Saturday, June 18, 2011

FNSI for June :)

My friend Nancy came over tonight and we FNSI'd like it was 1985 ;) 

Here's a screen shot of the monkey we were playing with.  We didn't have the right colours - we just wanted to stitch it out to see the basic shape etc.
We ran into machine errors and thread problems ...

Introducing our drugged out variegated hippy monkey ... isn't he a hoot?  He went home with Nancy to become an embellishment of some sort :)

I worked on a boxy bag - here's the fabric being quilted ...

Here are the crocheted flowers I added for a cute embellishment ...

And here's the completed bag, which is actually a gift for Nancy's mom, but shhhhhhhhh don't tell Ruth - it's a surprise! ;) 

Nancy's bag under construction ...

The bag is almost finished - she just has to attach the handles.  It's quite a large and lovely bag, and will be perfect to carry all of her crafty goodness when she goes on vacation :D

Here's our collection of FNSI progress - I have to admit that while all the projects are of course adorable, the sock monkey is my favourite, lol!

I'll be poking around tomorrow to see what the other FNSI participants completed - I hope everybody had as good a time as Nancy and I did! 


  1. Looks like you too had a blast. I like your monkey in those psychodelic colours!

  2. Your little embroidered monkey is adorable! I hope we'll see him once the project is complete. And I LOVE the boxy bag you made! What a productive FNSI. Sounds like you two had a great evening :)

  3. Wow Sandra, what fun you had last night.... the sock monkey is too cute. It's great to play around with the embroidery machine.
    This is my second time to participate in the Sew-in. I had a blast and managed to get things done.
    Take care.

  4. I really love your small bags...
    the monkey is cute.

    today we are having a party for amina, to celebrate her graduation from school.

  5. That's a rather funky monkey and a very productive FNSI

  6. Love your Monkey and the boxy bag. FNSI's are so great. Lucky you had a friend to join in the fun. Hugs.

  7. Thanks ever so much for not mentioning how much trouble I had putting that bag together using the challenging instructions found within a certain beloved book of mine. I am blaming myself really. However, I will have the handles permanently attached soon and then will post my own confessions!

  8. Oh, and thanks so much for hosting. I really loved doing the embroidery machine stuff -- and I see inviting myself over for more of that -- and the granola squares were amazing!

  9. Cute monkey and I love the bag.

  10. Hey I like that hippie monkey! Love the bags too!

  11. You two always have so much fun.

    That monkey is adorable. I think the "wrong" thread worked out great. It makes him unique.

    The box bag is so pretty.

    Now I'm off to Nancy's blog to see if she's finished her bag.

  12. Love the monkey and the boxy bag. Way to go and love them both!! Patty pay QW

  13. A great sewing party! You got a lot done. I love the fabric in the boxy bag.

  14. Great results for FNSI! The monkey is cute and I love that small zippered bag!

  15. Sweet bags! Sounds like a fun night. Congrats on a great FNSI!


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