Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yes, you DO learn from your mistakes :)

Here's the ducky quilt flimsy I completed yesterday - it's now in the "rotation" of projects to work on, under the category of "norim" (no recipient in mind :D) :)

The pizza hotpad I was working on yesterday until I girded my loins and tried out the embroidery machine :D

When the machine tells you that there's a thread problem, it won't necessarily tell you that it means "bobbin thread all gone, beam me up some more, Scotty!".  Of course I realized this after I had completed and unhooped the pupper, LOL.  Rump oopsie - lesson learned!

After you learn the thread lesson, you put it to practice and try another stitchout ... to go on a cage quilt ...

 like this one ...
 Nice rump this time - not so sparse :D


  1. Cute duckie quilt - and really cute little puppy! I think I have that design, lol!

  2. yepp, so true, yuo learn from mistakes.
    yuo will be the queen of embroidery this year.

  3. I can't wait to try the new baby out!
    It's a whole new FNSI!

  4. Hey well done for trying it out!! Puppy looks great!


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