Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Current projects :)

Here's a stash-buster quilt I'm working on - the duck fabric scraps were given to me a few years ago - 5 of the 7 rows are done :)

Some completed projects from the last few days:

 Shoe bags :)
 Mini notebook covers - tutorial by Blossom :)
 Zipper bag for Blue Hills - note the crochet flower (from Trish in Ohio - hi Trish!) :)

 Humbug bag from a new tutorial I found @ Craft Passion - next time I'll change the size a bit, and cut the fabric to 5x7 instead of 6x6 :)  Nice pattern - no raw edges :)

 One more paper pieced hotpad for some sets I'm doing - this pattern was available a few years ago from Quiltmaker - I'm not sure if it's still there or not!

Some more items for the travel set I'm making - a composition book cover and some luggage wraps :)


  1. you are so productive! give me a little of your quiltenergy.

    love your humbugpurse (?)
    and the piehotpac. would love to have the pattern.

    btw, check my blog, someone famous held his arm around my daughter last night ;-)
    she was so happy

  2. I enjoy visiting your blog- you always have something interesting to share.

  3. Dang girl you've been incredibly busy - love all these projects!


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