Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I reinstalled Irfanview ...

I'm not sure if it was causing my weird photo problems, but if it was, this may have fixed the problem :)

Here are some recent finishes:

2 golf bag sets, each set consisting of a zippy and a boxy bag.  One of the boxy bags has a minor "imperfection" so that set will be going to the counselling centre, while the other set is for my favourite client :D  These still need zipper pulls :)

A few more zippy bag finishes - the batiky blue/green bag is a prism bag with a boxed bottom, and the panty bag has a row of pom pom trim on it - ever so cute :)  The round bottom bag is from Skip to My Lou :)

UFO finish #7 of 7 in the PhD Challenge I've been working on - I beat the deadline by a few days, wooooohoooooooooo!!  This scrap quilt finished to about 54" x 72" and will be donated to a local shelter with the other 6 I completed :)


  1. Okay... I always love the zippered bags you sew but I have to say... that panty bag is just too much fun... lol.

    Congratulations on completing your PhD Challenge. I'll bet it feels fantastic.

  2. OK, so I was looking at the bag, thinging, is that really a pair of knickers... and yes, it is!!! that is brilliant!! I'm sorry, I'm too excited by pant bag to read the rest of your post!!

    did you see famous nancy?


    tried to email you both but my email server is down...


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