Friday, June 24, 2011


Same sex marriage bill passes in New York - WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO - excellent news!!

And on a completely unrelated note ... a few pics :)

 I got the zipper pulls done for Ruth's boxy and zipper bags - they'll go to her house this weekend :)

 Here's a little zipper bag for Blue Hills - I had only a small piece of the red bones fabric left and I used up every inch :)

 Linen golf zippy - I'm not sure if it shows up, but the middle button has a golf theme - it came from England!!!  Oooo la la!  :)

 Mini notebook cover for my Canada travel set :)
Today during one of the breaks between the torrential rain, we had a blue jay stop by for a visit.  I ran to get the camera but by the time I got back to the patio, he had disappeared and Chippy had dropped by - hi Chippy!

Chippy :)  --------------->


  1. Hey Woman Love what you are making. The bags are great and I like your boxy one too. Also that wonky log block is cool. I have been embroiderying here. PPQW

  2. Wow, I didn't know NYC didn't already have that law! But well done, better late than never NYC!

    love the bags, the blue one is gorgeous. The notebook cover is great too.

    I can't believe you've named the squirrel.... oh no, hang on, I CAN believe you did!

  3. Love the linen golf bag....

    BTW ...that is not a chippy. It's a squirrel. :)

  4. We were cheering here too last night when we read the news. State by state the time has come. And then our son will be able to get married anywhere he wants once he's found a partner he wants to spend his life with.

    Love the little golf button on the linen bag. It's a cute way to personalize a bag/make it unique.

  5. it was on the news in sweden aswell. A huge thing to let people in love to get married


  6. Great zipper bags. I'm not good with zippers yet but with practice...
    take care.

  7. I love the bags
    Midsommarhälsning från Sweden

  8. I love this bags

    Midsommarhälsning från Sweden


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