Thursday, June 9, 2011

I couldn't resist the lure ...

... the lure of a 50% off sale ... which applied to my favourite sewing notion ...

Somehow there are 2 missing from the bag - I know I bought them and I found them on the receipt, but can't find them in the bag!  Of course I *need* them for a specific project, so it's back to the store I go for more zippers!!!! ;)  This happened to me at the Fabricland @ Yonge/Finch as well a few weeks ago - somehow I'm either leaving zipper(s) behind, or I'm ... losing them between the store and my sewing room?  Apparently I have weird zipper karma!


  1. Do you think perhaps you've got a zipper stalker, someone that walks behind you stealing your zippers one by one? I think it's fairly likely.

  2. Look at all those zippers. I know you are in heaven with all the newness! I popped in to see if the Mary Engelbreit print I spied earlier was still there. It wasn't. I settled for a piece of the blue one you found in remnants. Still working on the rag quilt. Sigh. At least it is cooler today! Enjoy!

  3. Did you check the car? That's odd....oh well, you'll just have to go back and get lots more, lol!

  4. they are hanging out with the socks the dryer seems to always be eating :)


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