Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Grommets are FUN :)

Why I've put off trying and playing with these little guys is beyond me - I wanted to make some Trinket Keepers (thank you Traci for the tutorial!) but kept putting it off because I was worried about whether or not I could "do" grommets.  Ummmmmmmm they take about 47 seconds each to do, and require the use of 16 brain cells (remembering my name uses 4,726 brain cells).  They're easy!

Here's my first trinket keeper --- isn't it a cutie?  I need to get more carabiners and make a bunch more of these little guys - this one measures about 5" x 5" - I'll make some a bit taller and some a bit narrower, so the littlies can use them for different items.  I'll make some pretty ones too - girls also have trinkets! ;)

 Here's a project that didn't work out so well - I was doing personalized Christmas bath sheets but when I prewashed the towels (I didn't want to take a chance on the colors running and ruining the appliques), they got a lot of "pulls" in the fabric.  I washed only the two towels in the washer so there wasn't anything to pull at them (like bra hooks or velcro or anything) - I'm taking them back to the store and getting better ones!  At least the appliques are cut out and ready to go, lol.


  1. Sandra, that trinket keep is too cute. Aren't grommets so much fun to work with. I love finding things to put them on. I will be excited to see when you make more of these.

  2. I can see a whole lot of uses for these! Too fun. Thanks for passing on the link.


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