Friday, November 19, 2010

Like a yoyo, he's back home ...

We brought the beast home tonight, and he was certainly glad to come home!   He wasn't eating at the hospital but he certainly chowed down at home (too quickly, iykwim).  Guess what?  My carpet is the same color as tuna - who knew! ;)  He seems quite normal and happy, so as soon as he starts to use the litterbox regularly, we'll know he's in the clear.  (Until the next time?  ARGH!)  I have him locked in the kitchen (with vinyl flooring) until we make sure that he doesn't "erupt" in any way - he's not impressed with that decision, but it's not his choice - she who cleans the carpets, makes that decision, lol.

Had a fun night tonight - Tomte Tornado Night @ Nancy's house.  That's our version of a crafty hen party :)  We (Nancy, Amanda and I) each made a Scandinavian Stitches Tomte doll - Nancy didn't get hers finished because she was busy being the hostess with the mostess, so we left our dolls with her and she'll get a picture of the triplets tomorrow :)

Great day - cat came home seemingly improved, I spent the evening carrying on with girlfriends -  happy happy happy!  (Sorry, no pictures until tomorrow) :)  (And thanks for the emails of concern about my kitty - I appreciated them so much!)


  1. Smudge & Lester are very glad to hear Zoomer's back home and hope he is well on the road to recovery!

  2. WELCOME HOME ZOOMER!!! Stay well now!
    Seamus and Ted


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