Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Psycho kitty is sick ...

He's generally a BIT psycho but lately he's almost driven me around the bend with his carrying on.  We took him to the vet last night and they kept him overnight - he's not majorly ill but he was definitely uncomfortable.  He'll probably get out tonight.  The house is quiet without him.  I know he's behaving at the hospital and I know they love the animals and treat them ever so well (LeGallais - YOU ROCK!) so I'm not worried - I just miss his annoying a$$!!   Come home soon, Zoomer!  (1:30 p.m. update - he MAY come home today but he's not ready yet, arghhhh - we continue to "wait and see"). (5:30 p.m. update - he's coming home *big smile* - as soon as hubby finishes his supper we'll go grab him and bring him home :))

Since I'm feeling stressed and out of sorts today I thought I'd work on something fun - a Tomte doll from the book Scandinavian Stitches

Here he is pinned to my design wall - I have both arms assembled and stuffed, and one leg is stuffed.  I have to embroider a simple face on him - not my strong suit!  He'll be almost 2 feet tall when he's done - this is what the finished doll looks like :)  I plan on doing some in Christmas prints as gifts - isn't he just the cutest little Scandinavian dude? LOL!  And he makes a nice stress reliever *oooohhhhhhhmmmmmmTomte* :)


  1. Oh, Zoomer!!! Get well soon and get back home!!

  2. Sorry about kitty.
    The tomte is looking awesome! I will do your faces if need be.

  3. Awesome dude, dudette!!

    I sure hope Zoomie is all better now!



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